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Welcome to Act2care!
Act2care is a training centre delivering first aid classes
to parents and children online & in Wimbledon and surrounding areas. 
For Children

We offer 1-2 hour First Aid classes for children and young people.


We can deliver these classes online, at our location in Wimbledon, at a venue of your choice or at school.


We offer after school sessions, as well as sessions during the weekend. 

Our sessions can be tailored to suit the age & interests of the children.


Online Learning

Interested in free & discounted online training?

Find out more here

For Parents & Carers

We offer CPD  certified classes for parents & carers interested in Paediatric First Aid.


We can deliver these classes online,  at our location in Wimbledon or at a venue of your choice.


We offer private and group sessions on weekdays & weekends. 


Our classes emphasises practical exercises & can be tailored to suit you. 

Babies can join too! :)

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